Welcome to the Willow Bend 5th Grade Vocabulary Wiki

This wiki is to show what you know about your vocabulary words.

Have you ever noticed one of your vocabulary words while you have been reading a book, magazine, or newspaper? Maybe while you were surfing the web or watching the news. Perhaps you heard the during a conversation with your family or friends. If you have, then this is where you will record those words and how they were used.

Follow the guidelines below in order to record your words:
  1. Books, Magazines, or Newspapers - Write down the sentence where the word was found. Be sure to use quotation marks at the beginning and end of the sentence. Then write down the book or title of the article, its author, and the page number where it was found.
  2. Internet - Write the sentence where the word was found, the website title, and the URL address of the website.
  3. In a conversation - Write the sentence that it was used in, who said it, and the date it was said. Also write down whether it was a conversation or whether you heard on the news, another TV program, or on the radio.